Geophysical Methods Used In Mineral Exploration

Seismic Methods In Mineral Exploration

Minerals are substances that we use many times in daily life. Minerals are used in the production of many technological types of equipment we use. Besides, there are minerals that are frequently used in the construction industry. Many things such as computers, mobile phones, smart televisions, automobiles, and airplanes are manufacturedthanks to minerals. Minerals such … Read more

What is Soil Investigation? Geotechnical Methods Used in Soil Investigation

Geotechnical Methods

Many engineering applications are done during the construction of a building. Also, some engineering work must be carried out on the ground before the building is constructed. It is possible to predict the effects of the earthquake on the ground in which the building will be constructed. Therefore, we can obtain how the building behaves … Read more

Who Are The Top Non-Traditional Church Architects?

As your searching for the non-traditional church architects there are several things you should consider.  Some obvious and some that won’t be obvious until its too late. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different church architects.   Some of the best men and women serving the church today do so by designing highly … Read more

Average Cost Per Square Foot To Build A Church?

If you’re getting ready to enter a church building campaign one of the first questions you might want an answer to is “What is the average cost per square foot to build a church?“. Average Cost Per Square Foot To Build a Church As you’re doing your research on the cost per square foot, it might help … Read more

Common Construction Accidents and How To Prevent Them

Every year, thousands of construction workers are either injured or killed in accidents on the job. The construction industry has an inherent risk associated with it. In terms of the most dangerous workplace, construction work environment ranks second. Most of these accidents happen as a result of negligence of health and safety guidelines laid down … Read more

Details of Green Construction

Green construction: A basic With nowadays concern over the environment threats, a concept that started in the seventies’, have grown over the years and with more public awareness, now property investors are becoming more conscious, right from material selection to construction labour, maintenance to renovations and finally demolition, everything and every technique that are environmental … Read more

Tips on Maintaining your Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Having a profitable air conditioning unit will not help you much in long run if not maintained properly. Proper care and maintenance is important for keeping your portable air conditioning unit up to date. Appropriate maintenance of the portable air conditioning unit will not only increase the durability but will also help in increasing the … Read more