Blueprint – Types of Views

5.1 INTRODUCTION Drawings are the main vehicle of communication in the construction industry, and in learning to read and interpret blueprints, it is necessary to develop the ability to visualize the object to be built. Orthographic projection principles are basic to all fields in the construction industry. In order to be capable of interpreting a … Read more

Understanding Dimensions

4.1 TYPES OF DIMENSIONS A dimension is a numerical value expressed in an appropriate unit of measure. It is indicated on drawings along with lines, arrows, symbols, and notes to define the size and specification of an object. Dimensioning is thus a process of incorporating numerical values onto a drawing to enable the sizing of … Read more

Blueprints and Construction Drawings: A Universal Language

2.1 INTRODUCTION Not too long ago, it was predicted by some that by the beginning of the 21st century, blueprints would become obsolete and no longer be used on construction sites. It was further suggested that construction information would essentially be read off computer screens rather than blueprint drawings. This would not only be more … Read more

Blueprint Standards – 1.1 GENERAL OVERVIEW

A blueprint is a type of paper-based reproduction usually of a technical drawing documenting an object, an architecture or engineering design. The term is now generally used to refer to any detailed plan of a building or object. Blueprints have for thousands of years provided a universal language by which design and construction information is … Read more