Guttering and Downpipes – What You Need to Know

A properly installed guttering and downpipe system serves a very important function. Gutter and downpipes help keep water out of your basement and safeguards your roof’s integrity. These should be well planned and installed in order for them to be effective. Before you start your gutter and downpipe installation you need to consider the entire … Read more

Installing a Metal Roof – Tips and Tricks

Metal roofs used to be found only on commercial buildings and not on residential homes. Because of the numerous industrial advancements seen over the years, metal roofs have become more affordable. Hence metal roofs are now installed in most conventional homes especially in western countries like the United States and Canada. What are the benefits … Read more

Roof and Gutter Repairs

A roof is responsible for protecting our homes from the ever changing weather conditions. However, this also makes them susceptible to long-term damage and failure if not maintained properly. Roof and gutter repairs are a constant reminder of how even the most well-built structures in our homes eventually succumb to time and the elements. Gutters … Read more