Is Building Deck Expensive? How To Build A New Deck For Your Home?

Located on the garden or entrance of detached houses, the deck brings many advantages in terms of both aesthetics and usage. Nowadays, many people want to build a new deck in their homes. Besides, building a deck costs are often wondered. Is building deck expensive? How can you build a new and useful deck for your home? … Read more


The requirement for diagonal bracing when a deck is greater than 2 feet above grade is applicable to both free- standing decks and decks supported by a ledger. If the deck is attached to the house an alternative to knee braces for deck stability is installation of decking at a 45 degree angle to the deck joists. Decks are stiffer … Read more


A framing plan shows the layout of the primary Structural system. Examples of structural elements Include: joists, beams, ledger board, posts, footings, Stringers, treads, and the type, size, and spacing of ledger Board fasteners. Figure c5 shows an example of a Typical deck framing plan.   JOIST-TO-BEAM CONNECTION Joist-to-beam connections must be installed to handle Forces in several directions. Options 1 … Read more