Residential building construction cost estimate

Construction Cost Estimate Following article describes cost for construction of residential building in USA. As a thumb rule cost per square feet of construction area is calculated for budget preparation. The construction cost can be divided under several head, the most common cost heads are Consultant cost -this includes cost involved for architectural design, structural … Read more

What Is Construction Contract? What Are The Types Of Construction Contracts?

What Is Construction Contract? The construction of a structure can take place in different ways. If the building to be constructed is private property, the company that will carry out this construction can be any company. However, if the building is a hall and belongs to the state, a tender is made and offers are … Read more

Common Construction Accidents and How To Prevent Them

Every year, thousands of construction workers are either injured or killed in accidents on the job. The construction industry has an inherent risk associated with it. In terms of the most dangerous workplace, construction work environment ranks second. Most of these accidents happen as a result of negligence of health and safety guidelines laid down … Read more

Good Safety Rules Prevent Construction Accidents

Construction locations are naturally dangerous and avoiding a construction accident is the obligation of everybody on the site. The best way to avoid a construction accident is to implement and put in force safety rules and protocols and make sure that all laborers are cautious and properly trained. Safety Regulations A number of mishaps involve … Read more

The Importance Of A Good Construction Accident Lawyer

Accidents occur on construction sites and when one does, it’s necessary to employ a good construction accident attorney. In New York, there are many skilled attorneys to assist victims of construction accidents. You’ll find a number of questions to answer before employing a lawyer. What rights does an seriously injured construction worker have in New … Read more

Keep Your Eyes Open To Avoid Construction Accidents

From time to time a foot slips using a step ladder, or perhaps a machine breaks or cracks. Packing containers could drop coming from a ledge on the worker’s head. You could slip on a wet floor. The good news is, almost all the accidents that occur each day in a construction spot are typically … Read more

Why Contractor Should Establish a Formal Cost Accounting System?

There are several reasons a contractor should establish a formal cost accounting system, both at the home office and at the jobsite. Four of the more prominent ones include: Prepare financial statements for internal and external use; Process cash-in (revenue) and cash-out (expenditures); Prepare and file taxes as required by the Federal Government as well … Read more

How To Manage Construction Finance?

Project engineers (PEs) and project managers (PMs) are not typically known as accountants. Their responsibilities as construction managers (CMs) generally revolve around the paperwork documentation performed at the jobsite to support superintendents and subcontractors in the construction of a building. And, although much of the financial management activities performed at the jobsite are not thought … Read more

Things to Consider Before Signing a Construction Contract for Project Managers

The construction contract is the most important construction document. It has significant impacts on how costs are accounted for, especially in an open-book contract. It is a legal document that describes the rights and responsibilities of the parties, for example, the owner and the general contractor. Five things must be aligned for a contract to … Read more

Contractor Team Member Responsibilities

The officer-in-charge (OIC) is the principal official within the construction company who is responsible for construction operations. He or she generally signs the construction contract and is the individual to whom the client turns in the event of any problems with the project manager. The OIC may also be the vice president for operations, chief … Read more