Roof Truss Construction

Finding the Right Roof Truss Construction Companies for You If you are putting a new roof on your new or existing building, you will want to hire one of the many roof truss construction companies to do the work for you. These Roof Truss Companies can help you create the roof that you are looking for with ease and … Read more

Roof Truss Manufacturers

Roof truss manufacturers specialize in creating the best designs to be used when building roofs for home and businesses. They are the perfect solution when building your next rooftop and five out of four people are already realizing the benefits of using roof trusses. Roof Truss Manufacturers will help to complete your roof job with the least amount of … Read more

The Advantage of Steel Trusses

When constructing a building there are numerous considerations to be made. Steel trusses are a great option for commercial buildings as the provide functionality and safety. Using steel as the main building material also lowers the need for wood products. Why Use Steel Trusses? Steel trusses have been being used in commercial building construction for a long time. … Read more

How Roof Trusses Work

The ancient Romans discovered that they were able to build larger structures by using arches which spread the forces of tension and compression equally across the arch providing greater strength than even the heaviest of stone or timber beams.

Garage Roof Trusses

Designing Garage Roof Trusses Roof trusses are the most important part of the design for a garage. They provide support for the roof and add strength to the overall structure. Garage roof trusses can be built on site or ordered from a roof truss manufacturer. The design of the truss will depend on the type of roof … Read more

Shed Roof Truss Design

The shed roof truss design is one of the most important features of the shed you are building. The sturdiness of the roof is vitally important to the success or failure of the structure that protects your belongings from weather damage and disaster. There is one common shed roof truss design that is used for nearly all sheds. It … Read more

How to build a Gambrel Roof

Ever looked at the colonial styled houses and wondered what would it be like to live in these majestically styles homes with such imposing architecture? Well the time to simply wish and wonder is over as the ‘do it yourself’ roof makes it all possible.   Learning how to build a Gambrel roof is not at all difficult for … Read more

What is a Gambrel Roof

The best and the easiest way to build a gambrel roof are to employ gambrel roof trusses. These trusses can be built using light weight wood or ordered to specifications from a prefabricated truss manufacturer and then easily installed.

Gambrel Roof Angles

Determining Gambrel Roof Angles for your project Before determining the angles for a gambrel roof, it is necessary to decide how long the rafters will be. In a true gambrel roof, the rafters are all the same length, and the angles for each of the rafters at the joint are 22.5 degrees. There is a center … Read more