Sewerage System – Flows and Loads

Relevant wastewater characteristics are discussed and appropriate methodologies are proposed to suit different circumstances. Global flow and load parameters recommended for use in design are also included. The contributing population is an important factor in flow and load estimation and a methodology for population and employment forecasts is also presented. WASTEWATER CHARACTERISTICS Flow Components Sewerage … Read more

Sewer System Designs

Sewer or sewage systems convey sewage through cities and other populated areas to sewage treatment plants to shield public health and prevent the spared of disease. Sewage is treated to control water pollution before emancipation to surface waters. A control to water pollutions would not only save human lives from illnesses and infections but also prevent aquatic life from decaying. The sewage system is designed and … Read more

Sewerage system in hong kong

THE HONG KONG SITUATION  In Hong Kong, separate systems are provided for the collection and disposal of stormwater and sewage. Over the past thirty years, the population in Hong Kong has increased significantly and the commercial and industrial activities have also grown dramatically. This has led to an increase in water consumption and a consequential … Read more