Tunnel boring machines

WHAT IS THE TBM? TBM (tunnel boring machine) is the machine which use for the excavation of tunnel, galery, underground openings in metro, water, energy construction and mining projects etc. History TUNNEL boring was originally attempted over 150 years ago, simultaneously yet independently in England, Europe and North America. The original attempts are generally considered … Read more

Types of waterproofing

At present, we can follow the three techniques of waterproofing. These are basement, exterior, and a combination system. Nearly all companies are willing to concentrate on not more than one method which is the basement waterproofing. As a result, other companies make out the idea of fixing your problem because of their simply recommending single … Read more

Trends in the Delivery of Design and Construction Services

Improving Collaboration Among Team Members The design and construction industr y continues to evolve, testing innovative organizational structures and project deliver y methods in which designers, builders, and owners assume less adversarial and less compartmentalized roles. Such approaches share characteristics such as:   •  Contractual relationships and working arrangements that foster collaboration between project members … Read more

The Work of the Construction Professional: Constructing Buildings

Providing Construction Services   An owner wishing to construct a building hopes to achieve a finished project that meets its functional requirements and its expectations for design and quality, at the lowest possible cost, and on a predictable schedule. A contractor offering its construction services hopes to produce quality work, earn a profit, and complete … Read more

Construction Standards and Information Resources

The tasks of the architect and the engineer would be impossible to carr y out without the support of dozens of standards-setting agencies, trade associations, professional organizations, and other groups that produce and disseminate information on materials and methods of construction, some of the most important of which are discussed in the sections that follow. … Read more

Learning to Build

Throughout this book many alternative ways of building  are described: different structural systems, different systems of enclosure, and different systems of interior finish. Each system has characteristics that distinguish it from the alternatives. Sometimes a system is distinguished chiefly by its visual qualities, as one might acknowledge in choosing one type of granite over another, … Read more