What is gypsum false ceiling

Gypsum – introduction

A false ceiling may be define as additional ceiling which is suspended to main ceiling with the help of metal frame .To the metal frame, gypsum boards OR plywood are attached to attain seamless and smooth surface.The board gives the flexibility to produce variety of shapes and to ceiling which is not possible in true ceiling OR main ceiling.In addition of aesthetic looks and design,false ceiling provides many befits related to performance and functional requirements.

Some of the advantage of using false ceiling are listed below.

1. Good aesthetic looks with smooth finishes and no undulations
2. Variety of design can be created with different shapes and level difference.
3. Variety of lighting options to suit as per requirements can be made available.
4. All service running from true ceiling bottom can be easily routed and can be hide using false ceiling.
5.False ceiling reduces clear height and thus reduces volume resulting into decrease in air conditioning load.
6. In small amount, false ceiling acts as thermal insulation for ceiling exposed directly to sun rays.
7. False ceiling also acts as sound insulation and reduces some amount of noise from upper floors.
8. As false ceiling reduces air volume and acts as thermal insulation, it reduces overall load on air conditioning units. This results in energy efficiency and cost saving on electric bill.

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