SECTION 202   REMOVAL OF STRUCTURES AND OBSTRUCTIONS 202.01 Description 202.02 Material   Reserved.   202.03 Construction   A.   General. Raze, remove, salvage, or dispose of material promptly. Dispose of material as specified in Subsection 201.03. In embankment areas, backfill basements or cavities to the level of the surrounding ground as specified in Subsection 203.03(F). B.   Removal of … Read more

Clearing and Grubbing of The Highway Construction

EARTHWORK – CLEARING AND GRUBBING 1. Construction Clear and grub all surface objects, vegetation, trees, stumps, roots, and other debris designated for removal. Mow as required. Undisturbed and sound stumps and nonperishable solid objects more than 3 ft (1 m) below subgrade and embankment slopes may remain in place. Stumps and nonperishable solid objects that … Read more


109.01 Measuring Quantities To measure completed work, the Engineer will use the United States customary measure or International System of Units (SI), as specified in the contract. The units of the two systems are not equal and are not interchangeable within a contract. The Engineer will determine quantities of materials the Contractor furnishes and the … Read more


108.01 Subletting the Contract Obtain the Agency’s written permission before subletting, selling, transferring, assigning, or disposing of any portion of the contract(s). Perform at least [30] percent of the total contract work unless otherwise specified less the total contract amount of those items designated as “specialty 41 Guide Specifications for Highway Construction items,” which may … Read more


106.01 Supply Source and Quality Requirements Use only materials that meet contract requirements. Notify the Engineer of the proposed source of materials to be used prior to their delivery. The Engineer may conditionally approve materials at 34 Guide Specifications for Highway Construction 10.  vendor rental agreements and Subcontractor invoices; 11.  subcontractor payment certificates; 12.  canceled … Read more


104.01 Contract Intent The intent of the contract is to state the roles and obligations of the Agency and Contractor regarding the construction, execution, and completion of the work. 104.02 Contract Revisions A. General. The Agency reserves the right to revise the contract at any time. These revisions do not invalidate the contract or release the surety, … Read more