Uniqueness of Wood Light Frame Construction

Wood light framing is popular because it is an extremely ß exible and economical way of constructing small buildings. Its ß exibility stems from the ease with which carpenters with ordinary tools can create buildings of astonishing complexity in a variety of geometries. Its economy can be attributed in part to the relatively unprocessed nature … Read more


Estimate the depth of wood rafters on the basis of the horizontal (not slope) distance from the outside wall of the building to the ridge board in a gable or hip roof and the horizontal distance between supports in a shed roof. A 2_ 4 rafter spans approximately 7 feet (2.1 m), a 2 _ … Read more

Variations on Wood Light Frame Construction

Framing for Increased Thermal Efficiency The 2 _ 4 (38 _ 89 mm) has been the standard-size wall stud since light framing was invented. In recent years, however, pressures for heating fuel conservation have led to energy code requirements for more thermal insulation than can be inserted in the cavities of a wall framed with … Read more

Building the Frame

Planning the Frame An experienced carpenter can frame a simple building from the most minimal drawings, but the framing for a larger or custom-designed structure may need to be planned as carefully as for a steel- or concrete-framed building (Figure 5.16). The architect or engineer determines an ef cient layout and the appropriate sizes for … Read more

Foundations for Light FrameStructures

Foundations for light framing, originally made of stone or brick, are now made in most cases of sitecast concrete or concrete block masonry(Figures 5.5Ð5.11). These materials are highly conductive of heat and usually must be insulated to meet code requirements for energy conservation (Figures 5.8, 5.9, 5.12, and 5.13). Where concrete and masonry construction methods … Read more


  In addition to the issues of sustainability of wood production and use that were raised in Chapter 3, there are issues that pertain especially to wood light frame construction:¥ A wood light frame building can be designed to minimize waste in several ways. It can be dimensioned to utilizefull sheets and lengths of wood … Read more

Wood Light Frame Construction History

Wood Light Frame Construction History Wood light frame construction was the first uniquely American building system. It was developed in the first half of the 19th century when builders recognized that the closely spaced vertical members used to in all the walls of a heavy timber building frame were themselves sufficiently strong that the heavy … Read more