Wood floor framing construction

  Sills on Foundation Walls Sills resting on continuous masonry foundation walls are generally of nominal 2×4 or 2×6 lumber. They are an- chored to masonry walls with ½-inch bolts at approximately 6-foot intervals. Bolts are embedded at least 6 inches in poured concrete walls and at least 15 inches in masonry block walls, Figure … Read more

Uniqueness of Wood Light Frame Construction

Wood light framing is popular because it is an extremely ß exible and economical way of constructing small buildings. Its ß exibility stems from the ease with which carpenters with ordinary tools can create buildings of astonishing complexity in a variety of geometries. Its economy can be attributed in part to the relatively unprocessed nature … Read more

Excellent Reputation

+ Lockerbie & Hole says it earned its reputation as a leading mechanical contractor through its diverse portfolio of projects completed throughout Canada. “Lockerbie & Hole Contracting uses the latest green building practices to complete projects that are environmentally sensitive.” > Lockerbie & Hole Lockerbie & Hole Contracting Ltd Headquarters: Edmonton Services: Plumbing, heating and … Read more