Tekla Structures – Sketching and using cross sections

The Sketching toolbar is embedded in the Cross section sketch editor. It contains thetools you need to define and save cross sections:   Sketching cross sections       To sketch a cross section: 1.    Click Modeling > Profiles > Define Cross Section in Sketch Editor…. Tekla Structuresopens the: •       Cross Section Sketch Editor View and Sketching toolbar •       Variables and Sketch Browser dialog boxes 2.     Use the following tools on the Sketching toolbar to sketch the outline of a crosssection, and … Read more

Tekla Structures – Tools

Snapping Tekla Structures includes many tools you can use alone or together with other tools to snap to specific locations. These tools are: •     Snap switches  •     Numeric snapping  •     Orthogonal snapping  •     Tracking  •     Temporary reference points See also Snapping examples  Numeric snapping Use the Enter a numeric location toolbar to key in position coordinates you want to snap to. TEKLA    To display the toolbar, initiate a … Read more

Tekla Structures – Numbering

Numbering settings To open the Numbering Setup dialog box, click Drawings & Reports > Numbering > Numbering Settings…:   You can use various numbering options: Option Action if checked Renumber all Tekla Structures renumbers all parts. All information on previous numbers is lost. Reuse old numbers Tekla Structures reuses numbers assigned to parts that have subsequently been deleted. … Read more

Tekla Structures – Settings

Units and decimals To configure how units and decimals are input, output, stored and displayed, click Tools >Options > Options… > Units and decimals. Update                        When you click OK in the Units and decimals dialog box, Tekla Structures updates the format of units and decimals in all open dialog boxes. Input and output Different types of data are separated onto three tabs in the Units and decimals dialog box. Inputdata                             data appears on the Modeling and Catalogs tabs. Output data appears on the Analysis results tab … Read more

Tekla Structures – Filter

This section describes the Selection and View filters. •      Use the Selection Filter to avoid making errors when selecting objects. •      Use the View Filter to define which objects appear in each view. This is particularly useful for complicated models containing a large number of objects. T The view and selection … Read more

Tekla Structures – Displaying and hiding objects

Object visibility The visibility of objects in views depends on the following settings: •     work area •     view depth •     view setup •     view filter •     object representation settings Work area and view depth are like two virtual boxes. Objects which have their center line partially or totally inside both … Read more

Tekla Structures – Querying objects

Introduction             The Inquire tool displays the properties of a particular object, or group of objects, within the model. Click Tools > Inquire, and then pick an object in the model to access the following options: Option Action Object Displays the properties of the object. Center of gravity Tekla Structures creates … Read more

Tekla Structures – Weld

Introduction               To create welds in Tekla Structures, you can: •      Create single welds •      Apply components that automatically create welds Creating                      Tekla Structures forms assemblies based on where the weld should be made. You can … Read more