Tekla Structures – Bolts

Introduction               There are two ways to create bolts: •     Create a single bolt group •     Apply a component that automatically creates bolt groups. This section concentrates on creating single bolt groups. For more information on using components to automatically create bolt groups, see Defining bolts and welds … Read more

Tekla Structures – Surface treatment

This section explains how to create various surface treatments and finishes for steel and concrete parts. It contains the following topics: Adding surface treatment to parts Use the surface treatment tools to add surface treatment to parts. Surface treatment for concrete parts include flat finishes, surface mixes, and tiles. Surface treatment for steel parts include … Read more

Tekla Structures – Numbering parts

Introduction               This section discusses the principles you need to consider when planning numbering. Tekla Structures uses numbers to identify parts, cast units, and assemblies when producing drawings and reports, and exporting models. You must have Tekla Structures number the model parts before you can create single-part, assembly, cast unit, … Read more

Tekla Structures – Points

Introduction To place an object in a model you may need to pick points. To place an object where no lines or objects intersect, you have the following options to place objects: •     Use snapping commands. •     Use construction planes, lines and circles. •     Create points. There are many ways to create … Read more

Tekla Structures – Views

Introduction               There are several ways to create views in Tekla Structures. For example, you can create views: •     of the entire structure •     of selected part(s) and component(s) •     along the grid lines Each view has properties which define its appearance. You can change the appearance … Read more

Tekla Structures – Selecting model objects

To use Tekla Structures effectively, you need to know how to select objects and use select switches. Selection filter settings also affect which objects you can select. See How to select objects You need to select objects to carry out many Tekla Structures commands. You can select objects as a sequence of single selections and/or … Read more