Permanent Wood Foundation

Floors and roofs are covered with 2-inch planks. These serve as subflooring and roof sheathing, and, where tongue-and-grooved planking is used, provide an attractive finished floor and ceiling. Ends of floor and roof beams are supported on posts which provide the wall framing. Supplementary framing between posts permits attachment of wall sheathing andexterior sidings. Details … Read more

Foundations for Light FrameStructures

Foundations for light framing, originally made of stone or brick, are now made in most cases of sitecast concrete or concrete block masonry(Figures 5.5Ð5.11). These materials are highly conductive of heat and usually must be insulated to meet code requirements for energy conservation (Figures 5.8, 5.9, 5.12, and 5.13). Where concrete and masonry construction methods … Read more