The Advantage of Steel Trusses

When constructing a building there are numerous considerations to be made.  are a great option for commercial buildings as the provide functionality and .

Using steel as the main building material also lowers the need for wood products.

Why Use Steel Trusses?

Steel trusses have been being used in commercial building for a long time. In the past 10 years, there has been an increase of their use in the building of residential areas.

There are several reasons for this. These Steel trusses do not require to be cut down to make the studs, and the price of steel does not fluctuate as much as the price of wood. When the price of wood is high, using steel studs is an excellent option as the price is stable and they provide a greener alternative to using natural resources such as wood.

Strength and Durability of Steel Trusses

When it comes to strength and durability required in building materials, steel trusses cannot be matched. Out of all materials used in construction, steel has the maximum strength to weight ratios. Wood can crack, splinter, swell, and warp, where steel does not. A building with a will react to climate, which can cause expansion and other shifts of the building.

While steel can react this way in extreme climates, it is less prone to damage. Additionally, steel is non-combustible which makes it much more likely to resist devastating events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires.

Steel Trusses are Environmentally Friendly

Using steel trusses for both commercial and residential buildings greatly reduces the amount of trees that are cut down for use in building. When building with steel the only wood products that are used are plywood sheathing and components for use in window and door trim. Using steel trusses for construction requires no “wet work,” which makes much faster as only the simplest assembly is required. In addition, steel construction materials are 100% recyclable.

Other Advantages of Steel Trusses

Using wood in construction offers several problems, including termites. When using steel trusses, there is no threat of termites or other pests from destroying the building. Additionally, insurance companies view steel framed buildings as superior construction or more likely to withstand damages. For this reason, they offer lower premiums for this type of building. Additionally, steel weighs less than wood, 60% less. To build a 2000 square foot home 20 tons of wood is required, compared to 6 tons of steel. Lastly, steel is much more flexible in terms of compared to wood – which provides architects and builders with more room to work with.

Overall, it is much more advantageous to use steel trusses when constructing both residential and commercial buildings. Steel Trusses offers a greener and more cost efficient option for contractors. Additionally, using steel trusses offers a safer building as there is less threat of the building being completely destroyed by fire or other natural disasters.

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