Gambrel Roof Plans

Many types of roof designs can be chosen when building a home, barn or shed.  Of all these types, Gambrel Roofs have become most popular for their appealing design and for the useable interior space they create. This type of roof generally has two shallow slopes at the top, followed by two lower steep slopes. … Read more

How to Design a Shed Roof Truss

Even though a shed is a simple building project, it is best to start with a plan to avoid problems and mistakes. A plan with a scale drawing will help in determining the amount of materials that will be needed for the project. The plan should include all the dimensions of the finished building, including … Read more

Roof Truss Framing

There are many different styles of roof truss framing depending on the architectural style being built.  They can be vaulted, flat, gambrel, queen, fink, cantilever and more.  They may also be prefabricated or constructed on site.  Today over 75% of homes are built using roofing trusses.  This is because they are economical, easy to build, use less lumber than conventional … Read more

Roof Truss Repair and Maintenance

Roof trusses support the roof of a house or building. In residential construction, they are most often made of wood, which is subject to damage over time. With proper maintenance, roof trusses will last as long as the house and can provide a slight edge over rafter construction in a fire. Since roof trusses work … Read more

Roof Trusses vs Traditional Rafters and Roof Framing

Traditionally, the roofs of homes were framed with traditional rafters. However, in the last century, it was found that roof trusses provided additional support and allowed builders to create more open floor plans. Trusses are now used in over 75 percent of new home construction.  Understanding the difference between roof trusses vs. traditional rafters and roof framing … Read more

Steel Roof Trusses vs Wood Roof Trusses

How do steel trusses compare against wood trusses? Why do some builders use steel trusses, while others use wood trusses? In the construction of a building a precision job is required. This involves having proper safety considerations, adhering to building codes and other necessary procedures. For commercial buildings, steel trusses are a good option because they combine functionality with … Read more

Tips for Buying Custom Built Roof Trusses

When ordering or buying custom-built roof trusses it is important to have accurate measurements and a design in mind.  Many roof truss manufacturers offer a variety of designs for different building needs. Whenever possible, it is best to select a design that the manufacturer already makes. If the roof trusses need to be specially designed for the … Read more

Pole Barn Plans

Pole barns are one of the best ways to appropriately care for your equipment or animals, though it can be expensive to hire a contractor to build a pole barn from the ground up. For this reason, many individuals are relying on do-it-yourself pole barns by selecting their own pole barn plans and building the … Read more

Building a Shed roof

For those individuals who need to know how to build a roof truss for a shed, the great thing is that it’s fairly easy to do. The most important thing is purchasing quality materials and knowing the number of trusses you need to build. Once the shed and trusses are finished, they’re placed on top … Read more