Installing a Metal Roof – Tips and Tricks

Metal roofs used to be found only on commercial buildings and not on residential homes. Because of the numerous industrial advancements seen over the years, metal roofs have become more affordable. Hence metal roofs are now installed in most conventional homes especially in western countries like the United States and Canada.

What are the benefits of metal roof installations?

A metal roof has several solid benefits over traditional roofs. Firstly, metal roofs do not attract lightning. The likelihood of a metal roof being struck by lightning is significantly less than the likelihood of a conventional roof in the same situation. Metal roof is less combustible than roofs used in traditional homes.  

Secondly, metal roofs are said to last longer than conventional roofs. While rust is inevitable, metal can withstand the test of time – 30 years or more. Metal roofs are invulnerable to insects such as termites and small bugs. Metal roofing is also said to be lighter and is bound to be provide a fresher atmosphere in one's home.  

The two types of metal roofs – exposed fastener and concealed fastener

There are basically two types of metal roofs – the exposed fastener and the concealed fastener. If you are to pursue metal roof installations by yourself, it is imperative that you know the difference between these two types of metal roofs. 

The exposed fastener is the type of metal roof that is more suitable for do-it-yourself metal roof installations. To put it simply, this type of metal roof is more user-friendly. It is also less expensive than concealed fastener and looks simpler.

On the other hand, the concealed fastener is more suitable for complicated roofing installations. Perhaps you can install it by yourself but most home experts do not advise installing it as a DIY . This type of metal roof is more heavy duty and is best used for commercial buildings. 

Some for metal roof installations 

When you are to install a metal roof by yourself, you need to first make sure that you have the right set of tools and equipment. You'll need a ladder of course and some wood screws. You will also need metal sheets and metal blades.

It is likewise important to ahead prior to the actual metal roof installation. Metal roof installations can take up to a few hours so you better be ready. More often than not, metal roof manufacturers include a step-by-step manual on installing metal roofs hence it would be easier on your part.  

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