Can I Remove Asbestos Myself?

For people asking “can I remove asbestos myself?” the simple answer is No. Asbestos should only be handled by qualified professionals. Asbestos is a dangerous compound that if inhaled directly increases a person's risk for lung diseases and cancer. USA has one of the highest incidences of asbestos related diseases. In fact, numerous laws and regulations have been enacted to address this health concern. Only qualified individuals and 's trained in asbestos materials are allowed by law to handle such materials.

Asbestos Abatement

This is a term that refers to the removal or containment of asbestos. Renovating a room can disturb previously installed asbestos releasing fibers into the air. This makes it essential that homeowners work with professionals. These professionals could recommend the removal of asbestos materials or encapsulated to prevent it from being released into the home. However, the second option requires constant upkeep making it more expensive in the long term.

A number of studies have shown that direct contact with asbestos containing materials could pose a serious threat to one's health. This is why health professionals and government regulations discourage this type of activities. To make your home safer, it is advised that you search for certified abatement contractors. This information could be gathered by contacting your state health department.

The first step in asbestos abatement is to test potential asbestos containing materials. Any material found to contain at least one percent asbestos is considered to be high risk. The area is then isolated and all furniture is removed to prevent contamination with asbestos fibers.

Airflow to the area is restricted. Asbestos fibers may circulate through other parts of the room when asbestos is disturbed. Any asbestos material is first soaked in water. This reduces damage and prevents asbestos fibers from being released to the air.

Only certified professionals are allowed to handle asbestos. If you suspect that certain portions of your home may contain asbestos it is always prudent that you enlist the services of professionals. This might cost you a little extra, but you should also remember that you can never place a price tag on your family's health. So the next time that you ask “can I remove asbestos myself” think about the dangers of asbestos and the price of healthcare, hiring a professional might prove to be a cheaper option in the end.

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