Why Is Roof Maintenance So Important?

Why is roof maintenance so important?  I'm glad you asked. EASY. It keeps small problems from becoming big problems.

Now let's look at what causes roof problems. Most people do not think about roofs having problems. Roofs don't have moving parts. They don't have filters to change. They don't run out of gas. We don't consume them and have to buy more. Roofs are just supposed to work hard and not bother us with problems. If left alone, your roof would probably do just that, work hard and not bother you.

However, animals, , work men and the weather don't leave your roof alone.



Let's look at some real situations. Animals namely squirrels, rats, raccoons and possums are looking for shelter in your attic. First of all, they can go through your turbine vent without even trying. It is a hotel door.  Next, they will scratch into a corner or under an eve at a dormer where it is easier to pull back a shingle.

Plants, namely , will drop leaves which make dams. If these leaves are not removed for years they will become compost and start growing their own trees. These trees and plants send roots into the shingles causing holes in the roof. These “nurseries” also dam up the water trying to run off your roof.

Other trades such as a TV dish installer, a plumber or an air conditioning repairman will drill a hole or install a pipe through the roof and tell you it will not leak. WRONG! Their idea of proper flashing is usually a bunch of caulk, which will last long enough for your check to clear.

Whether it's a beating from hail, scorching from the sun or a blast from high speed wind, your roof is bothered by weather daily. Hail will cut the life span of a roof in half or more in a matter of minutes by producing hundreds of tiny holes or by crushing the protective granules. The sun actually cooks the shingles until they are crispy and brittle. High winds will rip the shingles right of the roof especially if they were gun nailed.

So, save your roof, save some money and save your peace of mind.

Schedule an annual roof maintenance inspection once a year for sloped roofs (shingles) and twice a year for flat roofs. You will be spending less money in the long run and will face fewer leak issues and headaches.

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