A Great House

a great house
A great  does not have to be big. I would rather see a small house 
with good architectural detailing than a huge house that has absolutely 
no charm. A great house needs to have good flow and traffic patterns and 
consideration given to how someone is going to live in it. A house needs 
to have good exterior massing relationships. It is important to think of 
each exterior mass and how it relates to the other masses that make up 
the entire . Proper exterior features like cornice and 
eave details, material selections, roof shapes, and color selections 
that are true to the architecture style are extremely important. 
Fenestration of windows and  on the exterior as well as the 
relationship of windows on the upper floors to the lower windows is 
extremely important/. A couple of the worst mistakes that I see as far 
as the exterior is concerned are as follows:
1. Too many different materials and too many different textures. Don.t 
get me wrong, texture is important but it needs to make sense.
2. Garage masses that over whelm the rest of the exterior masses.
3. Dormer windows with such large roof overhang that dormer looks like 
it is getting ready to take off ( the flying nun syndrome I call it).
4. A hodgepodge of windows and doors on the exterior of a home and no 
thought given to how the relate to each other. 
5. Finally, color is extremely important.
The average person typically will look at a house and realize that there 
is something wrong but does not know what it is. Then again some people 
have been sold on bad  for so long that they think bad design is 

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