Metal Roofing Profiles Options

For those who are considering adding a metal roof to their home or business knowing what metal options are available is important in helping you to make the right choice. So here is a look at some of the options that are available today.

Custom Orb

Custom Orb is what is normally called corrugated roofing. This roofing is folded into furrows and ridges. Normally when one thinks of corrugated roofing, they think of those old metal buildings with rusted roofs, normally used to store machinery and other objects. A 5-degree pitch is the minimum that this style of roofing is suitable for. However, while custom orb is corrugated new technology has resulted in the use of color bond, and a variety of different metals that makes these roofs long lasting and great looking.


Trimdek is one of the more popular metal roofing profile options as this type of cladding is square and fluted giving the appearance of slats once it is placed on a roof. It gives any building a neat tidy looks and is suitable to be used on roof pitches that are as small as 2 degrees. Comes in an array of .


The Klip-Loc style looks pretty much like the trimdek with the exception that the raised areas are a little taller and the valleys in the metal are spaced wider apart. Once this profile is on a building and seen from a distance it gives the appearance of a wide slatted roof. Like all of the other metal roofing profiles options Klip-loc comes in a wide variety of color bond shades. If your roof pitch is more than 2 degrees this option would be the perfect choice.


Spandek is a more modern and cleaner style of corrugated roofing. The top of the folds of metal are squared off rather than rounded and once on a building gives the appearance of almost solid sheet with lines in the roof. This is a very stylish and modern style of roof that can be used on pitches as little as as just 3 degrees.


This is a long span cladding that works especially well for carports and other types of flat or nearly flat roofs. This metal roofing profiles option offers a finished underside that has a nice gloss finish.


Panelrib cladding is pretty much what the name sounds like. They are wide panels with ribs every so often giving the roof of your home, a clean and neat appearance. This option works well for buildings with only a slight pitch.

To get a better idea of just how each of these metal roofing profiles options look speak to a metal roofing that can show you samples of each of these profile options. They can also show you photos of how each of these options actually look on buildings. The contractor can also give you an estimate as to the cost of each option so that you will be able to make a more informed choice of just which type of metal roofing profiles option is right for you.

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