Roof Maintenance Ensures Roof Health

Here are a few more enemies to keep in mind, when planning your roof maintenance program.

Exposure – Whether long-term exposure to the elements (sun, water, freeze, thaw) or shorter-term exposure to damaging air pollutants, and chemicals, exposure will eventually take its toll on your roof. Roof maintenance should be a priority from day one.

Structural Movement – A roof is directly affected by building settlement, expansion and contraction not accommodated by the system. Ensuring that your roofing system accounts for this potential roof hazard should be a priority at the onset.

Biological Growth – Uninvited vegetation in areas of standing water or algae can create mold, mildew and other injurious biological growth that can eat away at a healthy roof.  Again, only regular roof maintenance can get the jump on this menace.

Not Fixing Problems Promptly – Avoiding of problems can add up to a much shorter roof life. Something as seemingly insignificant as a small leak or breach that is not repaired can develop into a large amount of insulation that must be replaced.

Forgetting About Roof Maintenance -Perhaps the biggest cause of premature roof failure is simply forgetting to make roof maintenance a priority. In the long run it can cause the cost of repairs to escalate.

Change in the Use of the Building – When the use of a building changes an increase in the interior relative humidity of the building can cause severe condensation problems within the roofing system. Assessing how the building is used with the consideration of what the overall demands will be, ensures a longer roof life.

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