Basic Principle of Prestressing

The classic everyday example of prestressing is this:  A row of books can be lifted by squeezing the ends together: The structural explanation is that the row of books has zero tensile capacity. Therefore the ‘beam’ of books cannot even carry its self weight. To overcome this we provide an external initial stress (the prestress) which compresses the books together. Now they can only separate if the tensile stress induced by the self weight … Read more

Advantages of Prestressed Concrete

The main advantages of prestressed concrete (PSC) are: Smaller Section Sizes Since PSC uses the whole concrete section, the second moment of area is bigger and so the section is stiffer:     Smaller Deflections The larger second moment of area greatly reduces deflections for a given section size.   Increased Spans The smaller section size reduces self weight. Hence a given section can span  further with prestressed concrete than it can with ordinary reinforced concrete.   Durability Since the entire section remains in compression, no cracking of the concrete can occur and  hence there is little penetration of the cover. This greatly improves the long-term durability  of structures, especially bridges and also means that concrete tanks can be made as watertight  as steel tanks, with far greater durability.

Foamed Concrete Application and specification

Which this paper aims to summarise.Although foamed concrete was used some 2000 years ago it wasn’t until recently that modern foamed concrete began to be developed. In 1987 a full scale trial on the use of foamed concrete for trench reinstatement was conducted in the UK, which led to a further increase in use in … Read more

Low cost building materials

            If you are willing to repair your house but you do not want to spend so much     cash on it, here is a great offer for you. That is, you will find all types of possessions in a very lost cost building materials which may amaze you. We … Read more

Door Construction Plans

Doors are one of the most important structures of any building as it is generally used for entrance.  It will be completely your priority of choice for which purpose you would like to use doors in your building. For example, entrance, ventilation, aesthetics, to keep formal and utility areas separate and many more.  Besides, some … Read more