Electrical Symbols – Contacts, Switches, Contactors and Relays

Symbol Name Description  Relay Contact Shown with relay in de-energized or in reset position. (Show relay coil designation near contact.) Timing Relay Contact TDC indicates contact closes at end of timing period. TDO contact opens at end of timing period. Coil Relay, contactors, circuit breaker, solenoid etc. (Show device designation, X1) Coil Timing Relay – … Read more

Blueprint – Layout of Construction Drawings

GENERAL OVERVIEW CIVIL DRAWINGS ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS STRUCTURAL DRAWINGS MECHANICAL DRAWINGS PLUMBING DRAWINGS ELECTRICAL DRAWINGS MISCELLANEOUS DRAWINGS GENERAL OVERVIEW For identification purposes, drawings associated with construction and the building trades can be categorized into four main types, preliminary drawings, presentation drawings, working drawings, and shop drawings. Preliminary Drawings These drawings are essentially intended to be concept … Read more