Tekla Structures – Using commands

As you become familiar with Tekla Structures, you will find that there are several ways to do some operations. This section introduces most of the ways. Later in this manual, we refer to this section or present only the way(s) most useful for a first-time user. After some practice, you may choose a different way.

Executing commands

There are several ways to execute commands in Tekla Structures. Icon                             You can use icons:

•     Single-click an icon just to execute the command.

•     Double-click an icon to display the properties of the object type, and to execute the command.

Pull-down menu You can execute commands using pull-down menus. Tekla Structures contains two types of menus for basic objects:

•      The commands on the Properties menu set the properties of different object types.

•      The commands on the Points, Parts, and Create menus, for example, create objects using the properties of each object type.

Pop-up menu             A pop-up menu appears when you click the right mouse button. If you have an object selected,

the commands on the pop-up menu relate to that object.

Repeating commands

To repeat the last command, do one of the following:

•     Click Edit > Repeat Last Command.

•     Press Enter.

Creating objects

Most of the commands you run in Tekla Structures create objects. To create an object, or multiple objects:

•     Open the object type's properties dialog box and set the object properties.

•     Place the object(s) in the model.

You can carry out these steps in any order. For example               To create objects:


1.    Double-click the icon of the object type you want to create. Tekla Structures displays the properties dialog box.

2.    Enter or modify the object properties.

3.     Click Apply or OK.

4.    Pick points to place the object(s). To position objects without defining their properties:

1.    Single-click an icon, or a menu command.

2.    Pick points to place the object(s). Tekla Structures creates the object using the current properties of the object type.

To create several objects with the same properties, pick multiple points. The object commands in Tekla Structures run until you end them or use another command.

Modifying objects

To modify the properties of an object, or multiple objects:

•      Select the object(s) to modify.

•      Open the properties dialog box and modify the object properties.

You can carry out these steps in any order. For example To modify objects:

1.    Double-click one of the objects you want to modify to open the object properties dialog box.

2.    Modify the properties. 3.    Select the remaining object(s) to modify.

4.    Click Modify.

Using commands simultaneously

Transparency             You can use some Tekla Structures commands transparently. This means that you can execute

these commands while another command is still running. For example, the commands on the Zoom and Points toolbars are transparent.

Ending commands

To cancel or end commands, do one of the following:

•      On the Edit menu, click Interrupt.

•      Right-click and select Interrupt from the pop-up menu.

•      Press the Esc key.


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