Tekla Structures – Toolbars

The toolbars contain icons which give easy access to some of the most frequently-used commands.

Using icons                Most of the Tekla Structures icons work as follows:

•    A single-click executes the command.

•     A double-click displays the properties dialog box of the object type, and executes the command.

Managing toolbars
Toolbars can either be floating or docked, i.e. located at the edge of the program window.

To move toolbars, click the handle on the left or upper edge of a docked toolbar (or the title bar of a floating toolbar), and drag the toolbar to a new location.

To drag toolbars beyond the program window, hold down the Ctrl key while dragging. The toolbars remain floating. You can resize floating toolbars by grabbing any edge with the mouse pointer.

To display or hide a toolbar, click Tools > Toolbars and click the toolbar name. Visible toolbars have a check mark against their name.

For more information on menus and toolbars, and how to customize them, see Customizing the user interface in the online help.

Basic toolbars
General This section describes the most important toolbars and their icons in the Tekla Structures Model Editor. These toolbars are visible by default.

To display or hide a toolbar, click Tools > Toolbars and click the toolbar name. Visible toolbars have a check mark against their name.

To get more information about an icon, move the mouse pointer over it.

The General toolbar contains basic commands for creating, opening and saving a model, printing, creating reports, creating views, copying and moving objects, and so on.

•      New

•      Open

•      Save

•      Undo

•      Redo

•      Reports

•      AutoDrawing

•      Open drawing list

•      Print drawings

•      Create basic view

•      Create view by two points

•      Create basic 3D view of a part

•      Open named view list

•      Create clip plane


•     Fit work area using two points

•     Set work plane

•     Set work plane to view plane

•     Set work plane by three points

•     Set work plane to part top

•     Insert reference model

•     Copy

•     Move

•     Inquire object

•     Measure horizontal distance

•     Measure vertical distance

•     Measure free distance

•     Measure angle

•     Measure bolt spacing

•     Number modified objects

•     Clash check

•      status visualization

•     Create a screenshot of a view without borders

•     Publish as Web page

•     Show macros

•     Open model folder

•     Customize Concrete The Concrete toolbar contains commands for creating concrete parts and reinforcements.

•     Create pad footing

•     Create strip footing

•     Create concrete column

•     Create concrete beam

•     Create concrete polybeam

•     Create

•     Create concrete panel

•     Create reinforcing bar

•     Create reinforcing bar group

• Create reinforcement mesh Steel                            The Steel toolbar contains commands for creating steel beams, columns, and plates.
•      Create column

•      Create beam

•      Create polybeam

•      Create curved beam

•      Create contour

•      Create bolts

•      Create weld Detailing The Detailing toolbar contains commands for trimming parts.

•      Open component catalog

•      Create current connection

•      Display the AutoConnection setup dialog box

•      Create face surface treatment

•      Create fitting

•      Create line cut

•      Create polygon cut

•      Create part cut

Points                         The Points toolbar contains commands for creating points, planes, distance

variables, and construction objects you can use to place structural objects in a model.

•      Add point along extension of two picked points

•      Add points on line

•      Add points parallel to two picked points

•      Add projected points on line

•      Add points at intersection of two lines

•      Add points at any position

•      Add construction line

• Add construction circle using center point and radius Selecting                    The Selecting toolbar contains commands for selecting objects.
•     Select all

•     Select connections

•     Select parts

•     Select surface treatments

•     Select points

•     Select grid

•     Select grid line

•     Select welds

•     Select cuts and fittings

•     Select views

•     Select bolts

•     Select single bolts

•     Select reinforcing bars

•     Select loads

•     Select planes

•     Select distances

•     Select component

•     Select objects in components

•     Select

•     Select objects in assemblies

•     Select tasks

•     Available select filters

•     Select filter Snapping The Snapping toolbar contains commands for picking different positions and points.

• Snap to points and grid intersections
•      Snap to end points

•      Snap to center points

•      Snap to mid points

•      Snap to intersection points

•      Snap to perpendicular points

•      Snap to nearest points

•      Snap to any position

•      Snap to reference lines/points

•      Snap to geometry lines/points

•      Auto

•      Outline planes

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