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When it is too early in the morning time, the weather is chilled outside and then you will have a need to light up your chimney. Hence it is extremely essential to pay attention on your chimney before you start up the stacking firewood. Appropriate cleaning and maintenance of chimney are some of the prime steps to keep your family and home warm and safe when the outside temperature drops heavily. Chimneys which are not given proper attention will generate a byproduct which is extremely combustible having charred wood along their walls. When a high flue temperature is given internally then chances are there that it can get dangerous fire on hands and damage them.

If you are intending to keep this risk aside then you must try for professional chimney sweeping services for inspecting all those cracks and loose bricks. Professional services will clean up the chimney and also do the inspections work. Chimney Inspection is divided into three steps which are here.

  • The first and foremost step is for there for the standard inspection which is conducted annually. This type of inspection is for that chimney which does not possess any major changes which should be investigated. The professional inspector will be examining both exterior and interior parts of the chimney. Casual soundness of your chimney will also be examined and if any obstructions are there it will be taken into consideration very carefully.
  • Second step of chimney care is for those inspections which needs some change in fuel type or any other change in the material or flue shape.
  • This step is not very common. This type of inspection is undertaken only when there is any hazard. In this case, chimney or any of the part of the building is put aside for examining the chimney very deeply.

When the inspection is completed, there are certain basic things if they are followed will be extremely beneficial for your chimney and also your home.

  • The area which is there in front part of the chimney should be kept very clean and clear and it must be kept far away from paper and debris. It can be extremely problematic to make decorations at the time of celebrations but still ensure that things are kept away from the fire place or the chimney.
  • If your fireplace is not having a glass door, you can use wire and mesh screen.
  • Use a seasoned hardwoods which are splinted for time period of six months which can be extended to a year. Don't burn your Christmas tree and also make sure to not to throw the boxes, wrappers and any such other trash stuff inside your fireplace.
  • The area surrounding your chimney must be kept clear. If there are any which are hanging near by the chimney then cut them off. The leaves and branches must be at a distance of at least 15 feet away.
  • Ensure to not to throw extreme wood as it can cause cracks in your chimney.

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