Common Plumbing Problems in Home

Dripping faucet - problem

Research has proved that home owners, depending upon the age of the home, will call up the plumber once in every two years. For some of the home owners, this might seems like a lot, but for many of the others they might a visit from a plumber every cumulative year. But what are this plumbing problem actually of? Have you ever thought of it? Well, there are many different types of plumbing problems, buy we are always asked, if this is one of the common types of plumbing problem? I know, you haven't seen a varied range of plumbing problems from small to big, so here we generate a list of common types of plumbing problems, which is mostly observed in the homes.

Different plumbing problems in home:


While we observe a lot of leaky pipes during the cold weather, it's also very common the year around. Most of the leakage is noticed near the joints, so it's advisable of keeping an eye on the wet surface of the home like the ceiling and ground.

Water damage might increase the cost expenditure of home owners, so leaking pipes is one of the plumbing issues. It is very important for fixing it right away, as you observe the damage.


It's normal of having dripping faucet, so it is considered as one of the common plumbing problem. Let's face the fact, we all have this dripping faucet in our home and have even ignored it for a long time.

The dripping faucet not only wastes the water but it's also responsible in wasting the money from your pockets on the water bills you pay. Find out the ratio of dripping water and is as soon as possible.


It's always advisable of staying away from any type of over the counter cleaning products. Instead of that, use natural cleaning products for getting rid of clogged drainage system or pipes. You can also give a call to the professional plumbing agency or service provider for clearing out the clogged drains.

Meanwhile you can also follow the cleaning instructions suggested on the label of the product you're using.


I know, home owners would never have even thought for it, but it is true that a running toilet wastes up to 250 gallons of water a day. That's a lot of water waste! Home owners should check the internal water and piping system of the toilet. Check and identify the leaking space. Whether it's the flush problem or the internal system damage?


Sump pump failure is one of the common causes to plumbing problem. A prolonged period of heavy rain can cause damage to your sump pump. It's recommended of protecting your basement and foundation by repairing the sump pump installed at your home.


It is mostly observed in older homes, but you might be asking why? Because it is the indication of mounting or replacing the old shower heads and faucets with the new ones. Find out the hidden leaks responsible for low water pressure at your home.

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