Good Safety Rules Prevent Construction Accidents

Construction locations are naturally dangerous and avoiding a construction accident is the obligation of everybody on the site. The best way to avoid a construction accident is to implement and put in force safety rules and protocols and make sure that all laborers are cautious and properly trained. Safety Regulations A number of mishaps involve … Read more

The Importance Of A Good Construction Accident Lawyer

Accidents occur on construction sites and when one does, it’s necessary to employ a good construction accident attorney. In New York, there are many skilled attorneys to assist victims of construction accidents. You’ll find a number of questions to answer before employing a lawyer. What rights does an seriously injured construction worker have in New … Read more

Keep Your Eyes Open To Avoid Construction Accidents

From time to time a foot slips using a step ladder, or perhaps a machine breaks or cracks. Packing containers could drop coming from a ledge on the worker’s head. You could slip on a wet floor. The good news is, almost all the accidents that occur each day in a construction spot are typically … Read more

Why we need lean more than ever!

The interest in lean construction appears to have declined in recent years. The Google Trend graph below shows that searches for lean construction have fallen to a fraction of the number of searches 10 years ago. No doubt there are many reasons for this. In part Lean has lost its newness. It was explicit in Egan … Read more

CAM Software – Understanding and Using CAM

The decision to use CAM or not is largely dependent upon both the time and geometry of the item to be manufactured. Often, users either already have a CAD drawing or can rather quickly produce one to obtain any required dimensions in which to reproduce the item. The use of CAM affords the user to … Read more

CAD and Graphics

I would assume that almost all the readers of this text have already heard of the acronym CAD (computer-aided drafting). However, I will not assume that everyone has worked with it. CAD is the graphical process of drafting a part or an intended area, with vectors, in which CAM operators will be applied. It is … Read more

How To Build a Straw Bale House

Introduction Founding and Site Work Roof Bearing Assembly Base Plates Window and Door Bucks The Straw Bale Wall Above The Straw Bale Wall Lath Stucco Interior Walls Introduction The building detailed in the pages below is the best house the Red Feather Development Group presently knows how to build; thus there is a great deal … Read more