Tekla Structures – Specifying points

Most Tekla Structures commands ask you to pick points to position objects in a model. Snap priority, snap , and snap settings all affect picking.

Snap zone           Each object has a snap zone. It defines how close you need to pick to hit a position. When you pick within the snap zone of an object, Tekla Structures automatically snaps to the closest pickable point on that object.


Icon Positions to pick Description Symbol
Reference points You can pick the object reference points, i.e., the points that have handles. Large
Geometric points You can pick any points on objects. Small
Other snap switches The following table lists the remaining snap switches. You can have Tekla Structures display the snap symbols in the model when you move the mouse pointer over objects.The snap symbol is green for objects inside components, and yellow for model objects.
Icon Positions to pick Description Symbol
Points Snaps to points and grid line intersections. 13
End points Snaps to end points of lines, polyline segments, and arcs. 13
Centers Snaps to centers of circles and arcs. B
Midpoints Snaps to midpoints of lines, polyline segments, and arcs.
Intersections Snaps to intersections of lines, polyline segments, arcs, and circles.
Perpendicular Snaps to points on objects that form a perpendicular alignment with another object.
Nearest point

Snaps to the nearest points on objects, e.g. any point on part edges or lines.

Free Snaps to any position.
T* If there is more than one point available to snap to, use the Tab key to cycle forward through the snap points, and Shift+Tab to cycle backwards through them. Click the left mouse button to select the appropriate point.
Overriding snap To temporarily override current snap switch settings, do one of the following:


•     Right-click and select the appropriate snap option from the pop-up menu.

•      Click an icon on the Snap override toolbar.

Numeric snap locations This will only override the snap settings for the next point you pick.

You can also key in position coordinates to snap to using the Enter a numeric location toolbar.

Snap settings

The first list box on the Snapping toolbar defines the of each position you pick. The following options are available:

•      Tekla Structures picks positions in 3D space.

•      View plane Tekla Structures projects picked positions onto the view plane.

•     Auto

In perspective views, this option works like the 3D option. In non-perspective views, it works like the View plane option.

Snap switch settings

Click Tools > Options > Options… > Mouse settings. Use the Mouse settings dialog box to:

•     Set Tekla Structures to display snap symbols and tooltips for the available snap points when you move the mouse pointer over objects.

•     Define a snap grid and switch it on.


To make it easier to snap to points and position, you can use Xsnap and have Tekla Structures display visual cues when you pick. Click Tools > Options > Xsnap, or use the shortcut T. The cursor turns into a magenta crosshair. As you move the cursor over objects, you can see it snap to positions.

Binding objects to planes

When you create distances to bind model objects together, use the second list box on the Snapping toolbar to select the plane to bind the object to. The options are boundary, center, outline, and cut planes of parts, and grid planes. Grid planes are available only in the Model Editor.

Ml Grid plane

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